Jun 30 2012

The Romería de EL ROCÍO: a true andalucian treasure!

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Dear friends:

Recently we had the opportunity to share with our good friend José-Manuel again a very special Andalucian moment: El camino de Rocio. It is an old pilgrimage tradition which takes place around pentecost. Imagine that: from all over Andalucia over 1 million of people wander towards (a lot of them by horse carriages and foot) the village El Rocio, where on Monday morning of Pentecost the virgin Maria “La virgen del Rocio” is being taking out of the church to be taken through the village of Rocio.

Well, our journey has been only of one day accompanying the “Hermandad the Villanueva de Ariscal” on their way towards El Rocio. But there lies this unique mix of old culture, the religious spirit that people live for example singing in front of the Utrera church songs about “La virgen” and of course – the great way of living joy being together with good friends on this way towards El Rocio. El camino de Rocio – a true cultural treasure of this wonderful place. Check out some pics, dear friends!

DSC_9307DSC_9294DSC_9300 DSC_9308DSC_9318DSC_9350

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