May 03 2008

Mazagón and Rocío

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Dear friends

As our little son Til is getting to know his environment, our familiy live is (although some nights have been harder….) slowly but surely finding its way to a new ‘routine’ of taking care of now two young boys. Mauro is getting along well with Til so far and it is very cute to watch him exploring his younger brother! As we are now also getting again more room to explore our new area, we just had a first night out at the ‘Costa de la luz’. It was a great trip and we all enjoyed our first family ‘mini break’ as four of us. Then a highlight has also Rocío been: in these days a small, but beautiful village with a wonderful cathedral, but preparing for the ‘Romería de Rocío’, where about a million people will come to this village to worship ‘Rocío’ and celebrate as well! If you are interested in more information about this event:





Of course, our integration process here in Sevilla is still on his way…. we are steadily working on it :-)


Nadine and Marc

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